My name is Patrick Nommensen. I blog about topics like web performance, Open Source, DevOps, Entrepreneurship, and the general IoT.

I work at NGINX as a Digital Marketing Manager. NGINX is the modern web server built for the future. It’s the # 1 web server for the top 10k websites and powers nearly 150 million websites.

I enjoy contributing to open source projects. I’m a repo moderator for jsDelivr, a CDN for open source libraries serving 35 million requests a day. I also volunteer as a moderator for WordPress, a CMS powering 23% of websites.

The best way to get in touch fast is through Twitter; tweet me @pnommensen. If it’s about something you prefer not to be public about you can email me at patrick@nommensen.us. I get a lot of email. I read all of it but don’t always have time to reply.