Bohemian Rhapsody – A Complete Foray Into Freddie’s Life

Bohemian Rhapsody couchtuner
Freddie Mercury touched the hearts of millions during his lifetime.
His controversial life depicted on couchtuner and amazingly talented voice still lurk on the internet, telling stories of his uncountable achievements.
Freddie Mercury touched the sky but he also fell hard too and Bohemian Rhapsody available on couchtuner captures it all.
The movie takes the audience through a journey of the life of the singer and how he dealt with the various situations including fame and relationships, be it personal or professional. It is full of emotional turns and amazing acting that will make you feel a part of his journey. But the problems faced during the making of ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ can be seen in the screenplay.
There are several weak points where we can see the change of direction which disconnects us from the smooth flow of the movie. But this is definitely overshadowed with the brilliant impersonation of Freddie Mercury by Rami Malek.

Different Aspects that Brought Bohemian Rhapsody Together

The Story

Freddie Mercury was one of the most famous personas of the twentieth century and his life was full of interesting moments which gave the movie abundant content to work with.
The movie follows the story of an Asian gay man who struggled his whole life due to his race. His rough school life and conservative family made him a person of strong will and stubborn nature. Thus, it showcases the on and off-stage life of the world-famous singer.
The story really connects. In particular, we can feel his dilemma when he was talking to Mary about the confusion that surrounds him and how difficult it is for him to fight with these feelings.
“What do you want from me?” Mary was tired from the in and out Freddie was putting her through but we cannot completely blame him. He was fighting his demons with everything he had and that was what made it so unique.

The Direction

Since the movie faced a number of problems during its making, it’s understandable why the end result lags behind its true potential.
The directors did a good job in maintaining the balance of the two lives. But there were scenes that faced the consequences of this elementary change.
But, in the end, Malek beautifully portrayed the character and showed Mercury’s dilemma. His struggles with alcohol and accepting the changes in his friends’ life.

The Struggles

It is empowering to watch Freddie take over the world with his friends. He is admired and loved and we finally come to terms with the rough life he faced as a child.
But terror strikes again when Freddie’s friends are no longer interested in partying, casual sex and living in the moment. They move on to settle with their wives and build a life for them other than the professional one.
Here, Freddie is forced in a life of loneliness and finds himself in the company of wrong and exploitive people. This is where his end starts with the drugs and continuous exploitation. The focus is no longer on his sexuality but the downfall of Freddie Mercury.

The Fall of the Legend

The recreation of Freddie’s New Orleans launch party was what that brought the whole story to its conclusion. The naked waiter, drag queens and dwarves with cocaines, impersonated the exact party.
It also showed that it was no longer possible to bring Freddie Mercury back.

The Final Verdict

Freddie Mercury was a self-made legend. He was a man filled with love and was vulnerable at times, but made it through everything. Even when the focus was on Freddie Mercury, it showed four strangers coming together and ruling the world.
This movie is a great one time watch that will make you clutch your hands and straighten your backs in anticipation and help you understand the true life behind the fame and popularity.