Our world is changing, and so is technology. The sci-fi movie that we used to watch no longer seems fictional. Forty years ago, the first successful phone call was made, and the rest as we know it is history. Revolutionaries like Steve Jobs, took the mobile phone to another level. Today it’s hard to imagine our lives without a smartphone. The last masterpiece, iPhone 4, was introduced to the world with AI technology and a virtual assistant. Since then, AI technology has improved, and a lot of apps for virtual assistants can be found on the app store. Just weeks before the launch of the other mind app, we have assembled a list of the best virtual assistant app

1] Google Assistant [APP]

Google Assistant is without competition the best virtual assistant on the app market. The app is different from the built-in OS software, which has more control over your phone and is heavier. Google Assistant is created to provide the best virtual assistant to help with simple daily questions and basic reminders. The app is compatible with Microsoft phones but not with IOS, which has the best built-in virtual assistant, Siri.

2] Lyra virtual assistant

The app was earlier known as indigo virtual assistant. The app is compatible with both Android and IOS. It is more than just to make calls, set reminders, and basic other tasks. Users can play YouTube videos, tell jokes, translate words and phrases, etc. It was built as a Siri alternative for Android, and you can accept some minimal errors from, but overall Lyra is the best personal assistant app from Android. It’s an excellent alternative to google assistant for lower android version users.

3] Microsoft Cortana

The software was initially built as an OS virtual assistant but was later launched as an app for android users. The User interface of this app is one of a kind. The voice recognition doesn’t crash like other apps and the assistant when offline can allow you to make a call and set reminders and other essential things. It also helps you with launching apps and typing in MS word. The assistant is also available on laptops so its pretty handy for writers who are tired of typing. You can set appointments, events, and create a to-do list. The to-do list feature lets you create the list one day before, and the “MY DAY” feature takes you through your complete schedule every morning. The software is perfect for hustlers.



The app made solely for Marvel fans and more specifically Iron Man. The user interface of this voice assistant is extremely cool and is named after the butler of Howard Stark and the assistant, JARVIS. The app is perfect at vocal recognition and doesn’t go through errors while recognizing different accents. The software allows you to put Facebook status just by speaking. You can have a very interactive conversation with this AI software. The app is great for marvel nerds like myself.